As the holy month of Ramadan progresses, we are encouraged to seek out and help others in need. Although the current pandemic and social distancing regulations have limited some of our usual Ramadan practices, like community gatherings and prayers, we are fortunate to still be able to engage in helping others and spreading the blessings of this month.

Due to the lack of job opportunities as a result of COVID-19 and limited skills, our refugee women do not currently have a source of income. Like many areas surrounding Chicago, the places where these women live are densely populated and contain a high percentage of covid-positive patients. As a result, allsorts has come together with our generous local community members to provide grocery gift cards to the refugee women who have worked to produce our first batch of clothing. Nurayn has written individual notes, specific to each of our workers, in order to better personalize each gift. During this difficult time, we hope to recognize and assist our wonderful  seamstresses, who have done their best in the previous months to attend sewing lessons and produce clothing which embodies our mission.

We also encourage you to participate in helping your neighbors during these uncertain times, in whatever capacity you are able. Remember, every effort counts.

Stay safe, and Ramadan Mubarak. ️